This section provides information about the FHA Medical Staff Organization leadership structure, Job Descriptions, HAMAC and Physician Leadership Development.

Medical Leadership Resource Manual

Medical Leadership Resource Manual 

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Medical Leadership Job Descriptions and Org Chart

Please find below a listing of Medical Leadership Job Descriptions.

Medical Staff Organization Chart

Leadership Directory

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Medical Affairs Staff

Name Title Phone
Dr. David Wickham Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs  604-587-4483 x 765732
Kerri Aujla Administrative Assistant, Executive Medical Director 604-587-4483 x 765732
Tim O'Brien Executive Director, Medical Affairs and Medical Staff Services 604-897-4043
Vacant - interim coverage 
Rachna Dabas
Administrative Assistant, Executive Director, Medical Affairs, and Medical  604-587-4403
Megan Stephens Director, Medical Affairs 604-365-2541
Rachna Dabas Administrative Assistant, Director, Medical Affairs, HAMAC, Dept. of Anaesthesiology 604-587-4432
Linda Chambers Administrative Assistant, Critical Care; Medicine  
Margaret Coplin Administrative Assistant, OB & Gyn; Surgery 604-596-1874 
Cindy Pal Administrative Assistant, Family Practice, In dept Reviews, Nurse Practitioners 604-587-4483 ext 764403

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