Access your Fraser Health Email

We are making it easier for physicians to use their Fraser Health email address for Fraser Health business. 

Your Fraser Health email is your direct line to important resources and information from Fraser Health and your physician leadership, such as:

  • Information on COVID-19, 360’s, e-forms and Physician Activity Reports (PARs).
  • Full use of Microsoft Teams for collaborative teamwork and productivity tools, including video meetings, shared workspaces and chat.
  • Access to colleagues, team members and Fraser Health personnel.

Soon, with Office 365, you will have another fast and easy way to access Fraser Health emails on your mobile device through the Outlook app.

By using your Fraser Health email you are professionally representing the organization and your correspondence is governed by corporate privacy standards. Additionally, separating your work and personal emails can help with work-life balance and medical staff wellness.

Access your email from any device using the new Outlook app

  • The new Outlook application provides easy access to emails on mobile devices without Workspace ONE
  • The new Outlook application allows you access to personal and Fraser Health emails in a single application
  • You are no longer tied to a laptop, desktop or Fraser Health device to access your email using Outlook and Microsoft Teams
  • A focused inbox delivers messages targeted to you and reduces spam

A Fraser Health email account provides you with a single access point to solutions being delivered this year:

Virtual appointments with patients

  • Ability to host and attend video or audio meetings with individual patients, a group of patients or clinicians

Secure text messaging

  • Ability to securely text patient information with other health care providers

Collaboration with external providers

  • Ability to easily communicate and collaborate with health care providers inside and outside of Fraser Health

Automated Intake Forms (Coming Soon)

  • Automated requesting and receiving of electronic intake forms from your patients that can be viewed inside the patient record in Meditech

Other applications (Coming Soon)

  • Ability to access custom tools that support patient care. For example, access to a tool to efficiently handover patient information between clinicians during shift transition

Single calendar (Coming Soon)

  • Fraser Health is moving towards being able to provide a single calendar view of your meetings and appointments

For more information on the transition to Office 365, visit the Pulse page

What is happening?

Efforts are underway to encourage the use of Fraser Health emails for Fraser Health business. Physicians have been removed from “All Fraser Health staff” email lists (except medical leaders). This was initiated after feedback indicated the volume of emails were excessive and most were not relevant.

Support to optimize emails through a digital ‘decluttering’ can be done by calling the Service Desk at 604-585-5544. 

Why is it important for me to use my Fraser Health email address?

All Fraser Health staff and medical staff are encouraged to use their Fraser Health email for all work-related correspondence. By using your Fraser Health email address, you are professionally representing Fraser Health and providing important reassurance regarding your authority, and that correspondence is governed by corporate privacy standards.

Your Fraser Health email serves as a quick and direct way for you to receive important resources and information from Fraser Health and your Physician Leadership. Examples include Physician Activity Reports (PARs) and information on COVID-19.

How does using my Fraser Health email address benefit me?

Through your Fraser Health email address, you will be kept up-to-date on all important Fraser Health developments relevant to your practice. It also allows you to keep your personal and professional lives separate and you will have access to programs such as Microsoft Teams, team chats, document sharing and meeting information for improved collaboration and team work. Most importantly, as the COVID-19 experience has demonstrated, the use of corporate emails enables quick communication during crisis - including over weekends and holidays.

What changes can I expect?

December 2020 onwards, all organizational communications to physicians are being streamlined through the Physician Coordination Centre with the 'All Fraser Health Physicians' distribution list, ensuring physicians are receiving the most relevant messages. This distribution list can only be accessed by the VP Medicine and the Physician Coordination Centre.

What can I do?

Activate and use your Fraser Health email address as soon as possible. Work is underway
to ensure that you are only sent information relevant to you through your Fraser Health
email. Make your Fraser Health email address your preferred contact with your department.


Can I access my Fraser Health email on both my PC and mobile device?

Yes, you can access your Fraser Health emails on any device by using Soon, you will also be able to access your email from any device using the new Outlook app which is currently being tested.

Stay tuned with the Medical Staff bulletin for updates.

What other apps are useful to me as a physician at Fraser Health?

Fraser Health wants to equip you with all the technology you need to provide the best
care for your patients. Listed below are available apps:

  • Microsoft Outlook: An email app used by Fraser Health medical, clinical and corporate staff to check their emails.
  • Meditech Mobile Rounding (MMR): An app that allows you to remotely access patient information on your phone.
  • Microsoft Teams: Teams is Fraser Health’s go-to collaboration tool for all medical, clinical and corporate staff. With Teams, you can send a quick message to a colleague, or have a virtual meeting.
  • Microblogging MD (MBMD): A secure messaging app for Medical Staff to securely exchange patient information with each other. Messages can include the attachment of images as well.
  • Zoom: Zoom is Fraser Health’s preferred virtual health application; as Fraser Health Medical Staff, you are eligible for an account free of charge. Zoom allows you to connect with your patient regardless of where they are, with an option to add family members or other clinicians to the meeting as well.


Q: Will I need to use web mail access (i.e.
or when the new Microsoft outlook app comes?

Yes, you can access your emails in one click once you transition to the outlook app.
However you will need to use to access Meditech

Q: Will accessing my Fraser Health email be easier?

Yes, Fraser Health will soon be transitioning to Microsoft 365, including the newest version
of Microsoft Outlook. The new Outlook allows easy access to your Fraser Health email on any device
without having to use Workspace ONE or Boxer, and allows you to toggle between your
personal and work email easily within Outlook.

Be sure to check your Fraser Health email for an invitation get set up on the new Outlook. Click here
for videos and instructions explaining what to expect during the upgrade.


Q: What other helpful applications are coming this year?

Numerous apps are coming to Fraser Health in 2021 to make your work easier. These
include integrating your virtual health appointments with your Outlook calendar,
integrating automated intake forms into Meditech, and a single calendar view for all your
meetings and appointments. Your Fraser Health email is the single access point for all these

Q: When can I stop using boxer?

The new outlook app will replace boxer. Transition to the app as soon as it is offered.

Q: How will I be informed of upcoming changes?

You’ll be informed of any further changes through the Medical Staff Bulletin, and through
your site and department leadership.

For assistance in setting up your email:

Call the Service Desk at 604-585-5544

For questions about the transition to Fraser Health emails: 

Contact Dr. Dayan Muthayan, Executive Medical Director Physician Partnerships and Performance, at with a copy to:


How to Access


Fraser Health Medical Staff can access Fraser Heath emails via Instead of a VPN, you will need an authenticator. 

Just a click of a button enables access on your laptop or mobile device. See instructions for setting up your authenticator below.

For more detailed information, visit the reference guide.

Set up your Microsoft Authenticator


You will need to set up the Authenticator to securely access your Fraser Health emails. You will only need to do this once. This can be set up both on your personal computer and your mobile device.