Up to date information concerning COVID-19

A new SARS-CoV-2 variant has been described in the UK and more recently in British Columbia. As a result, non-essential travel was suspended between Canada and the UK until recently. Evidence continues to evolve and emerge around the characteristics and the impacts of this new variant and other variants like the South African variant.  The UK variant from the B.1.1.7 lineage is reported to have 14 mutations and may have had impact on SARS-CoV-2 transmission and the host immune response.

The variant is reported to be 71% (95% confidence interval: 67% to 75%) more transmissible than other variants and associated with a higher viral load. This could be attributable to the fact that one of the mutations allows for greater binding affinity of the virus spike protein to the human ACE-2 receptor.

There is no evidence, to date, that suggests increased severity of illness from this variant compared to other variants.6 The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has determined that PCR tests will still be able to detect this variant as the test looks for multiple regions of the virus’ genome. Lastly, current experts opinion states that the new variant is unlikely to make vaccines ineffective. Immune response to the vaccine is likely to generate an array of antibody responses that should protect the host from several variations of the virus. The BCCDC is currently focusing genomic sequencing efforts to cases with recent travel history from the UK or contact with a traveller or in the case of unusual clusters to aid in early detection.

Overall, effective management of this variant involves continue following current public health practices. The health authority is currently scaling up vaccination efforts for a quick and timely rollout. Healthcare professionals, who have recently travelled outside of Canada, should be quarantining for 14 days, prior to resuming work. Departments should make alternative arrangements for staffing rather than permitting staff who’ve recently travelled outside Canada to work on an exceptional basis. Fraser Health will continue to work with local and provincial partners to monitor the presence of the variants and provide additional communications as needed.

Advance Care Planning Resources during COVID-19

Starting conversations with patients about Advance Care Planning is important during COVID-19 to help decrease their anxiety about future health care decisions.

Thrive Physician Availability Tool (Best viewed in Google Chrome)
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Canadian medical students have come together to provide you with daily updates on the state of literature on COVID-19. Articles reviewed in this newsletter are selected from a daily literature search of the PubMed database and the WHO database of publications on COVID-19 disease. Literary Reviews from Canadian med students against COVID-19

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Resources and information about caring for someone in long-term care, assisted living during COVID-19. Resources include; clinical decision pathways, admissions and resident transfers, updated testing guides, swab flow chart, guidance for certifying COVID-19 deaths and other important documents.

View long-term care resources for physicians >>

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Chevron  $10 off every fill-up of 20 litres or more for health care workers
Filld $10 off delivered gas. (After signing up, text the promo code SupportHealth2020 to 224-224.)


Food and beverage
Afghan Kitchen South Surrey 30% discount on pick up orders.
A&W  free drinks for health care workers
Cactus Club Cafe Healthcare Hero combo meal for $12.75
Earl's  30% off food for health care workers + first responders
Happy Singh Seva Kitchen free meals for front line health care workers and responders
McDonalds free coffee/tea for front line workers
Nando's free hot catered meals to hospitals
PC Optimum, Lablaws, Shoppers priority access to health care workers (April 20/20)
Shell free sandwiches & beverages for frontline workers
Starbuck's free tall brewed (hot or iced) coffee
Triple O's  15% off entire order at participating restaurants
Zeitoon Iranian Cuisine 5% off + Free Delivery for medical staff working at Eagle Ridge Hospital

Costco health care workers move to the front of any line to enter the warehouse
London Drugs  exclusive shopping hours for health care workers
PC Optimum, Lablaws, Shoppers priority access to health care workers (April 20/20)


Body Energy Club free smoothies to paramedics, doctors and nurses
Child Care for children up to 5 years 
Additional discounts may be found here Access to view is via the Fraser Health network only


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