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Starling minds mental fitness program

An online program that improves mental fitness and well-being. The concepts explored are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is a form of evidence-based treatment that supports people in understanding how their thoughts, behaviours, and physiology impact their mood. The sessions are short, easy to follow and ready to be accessed when you are on the go, at work or at home.

Fraser Health medical staff can register here.Use access code: FHAWELLNESS.

Helpful resources for you

Physician Resource Guide

Total Health Index
An online health assessment tool for Fraser Health medical staff, administered by Morneau Shepell.

Physician Health Program 
Funded by Doctors of BC, this program offers a free 24-hour confidential helpline and othr services for physicians.

CMA - Physician Health and Wellness
Access information, resources and stories about physician health and wellness.

CMPA - Physician Wellness
A resource to help physicians navigate the challenges of daily practice and medical-legal issues.

Mayo Clinic's Well-Being Index
A free online well-being assessment for medical professionals.

Mindfulness Training

Free for Fraser Health medical staff, this 30-day mindfulness challenge from MindWell-U is designed to help lower stress and increase resilience. 

Go to Mindfulness training

Total Health Index

The Total Health Index is a confidential online health assessment that can help you discover more about your total health status and risk areas. After completion, it provides an instant individualized report filled with great insight and links to free resources and benefits. Between April 1-30, it’s also an opportunity for you to share more about your workplace experiences at Fraser Health.

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Summary: Dr. Connie Ruffo, local lead for physician health at Peace Arch Hospital and the White Rock/South Surrey area, says doctors and health care providers could benefit from taking the Total Health Index.

Two years ago, after experiencing symptoms of burnout, Dr. Connie Ruffo retired from her family practice of more than 30 years and became a hospitalist at Peace Arch Hospital.

“Research shows physicians who spend at least twenty per cent of their time doing something they are passionate about resist burnout,” explains Connie. “Becoming a hospitalist has allowed me to focus on my passion – physician health.”

Connie has been the local lead for physician health in White Rock/South Surrey since 2000 and currently serves as an advisor for the Fraser Health Medical Staff Wellness Committee.

Through these roles, she helps promote grassroots, community-based, physician wellness programs and works to connect all physician health champions across Fraser Health, either through the Medical Staff Associations or Divisions of Family Practice, to resources and emerging ideas.

As the local lead for physician health, Fraser Health’s Engagement Team connected with her to see if she would be interested in trying out the Total Health Index – an online health assessment for staff and physicians – to see if she felt it would be worth sharing with her fellow physicians.

Connie agreed and, after completing the assessment, said physicians, as well as all health care providers, could benefit from giving it a try.

“This type of reflection on one's well-being is good to do periodically,” she said. “Also, it does remind one of all the dimensions of well-being, it is not just about exercising or eating well.”

Taking the Total Health Index validated a lot of the areas Connie felt she was doing well in, health-wise.

“I was pretty clear on how I was doing in all four domains [physical, mental, work and life], likely because I talk about these aspects in my physician health work and presentations,” says Connie. “There have been other Fraser Health opportunities around mindfulness and breathing work that got me making changes, however, the Total Health Index affirmed I am doing what I need to for self-care.”

Connie says self-care is an important aspect of avoiding burnout, but that there can be other factors at play. For that reason she appreciates the survey also asks participants questions about their workplace.

“Research shows nurses, doctors and other professionals who are involved in intense interpersonal interactions on a daily basis are more susceptible to symptoms of burnout,” says Connie. “There is increasing awareness of burnout and the environmental factors that play into this so questions about the workplace domain are important.”

Connie believes healthy physicians provide better care to patients and that the overall message of the Total Health Index is an important one.

“It’s just like what the airlines say – put on your own mask before helping others.”

About the Total Health Index

The Total Health Index is an online health assessment administered by Morneau Shepell, Fraser Health’s Employee Assistance Program provider. The tool is available to all Fraser Health employees and physicians.

Completing the assessment will give you a better understanding of your overall health. You will also receive a personal report including recommendations and links to resources that can help you manage your health.

Get started on Total Health Index today.

The THI is an online health assessment administered by Morneau Shepell, Fraser Health’s Employee Assistance Program provider. Data is collected in four core areas (physical, mental, life and work) and then used to evaluate the health, engagement and productivity levels of the organization and identify recommended areas of focus.

It only takes about 20-minutes to complete. Once finished, you’ll obtain your personal health score and recommendations about how to improve your health across four key areas: mental, physical, work and life.

By completing the survey, you’ll receive real-time information about your health, including personalized reports and recommendations to help you manage your health. You’ll also be provided the opportunity to give feedback on your workplace experience.

All Fraser Health employees and medical staff are invited to participate in the THI!

For a walkthrough of the tool, watch this video.

We want to improve our people’s experience of supporting and providing care. The THI will help us understand which areas we need to focus on.

The THI is 100 per cent confidential. No one but you will see your answers or individual results. Fraser Health will receive results in aggregate only.

Facility Engagement in Fraser Health

Eleven hospitals in Fraser Health are involved in BC’s Facility Engagement Initiative (FEI). Established through the 2014 Physician Master Agreement, FEI aims to strengthen communication and collaboration between our health authority and the medical staff working in our hospitals, ultimately to benefit patient care.

Through a formal physician society structure and funding, medical staff members have tools and funding from the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) to work together with each other, administrators and health authority leadership to strengthen relationships and increase meaningful physician involvement in decision-making. Physicians can also identify priorities in their work environment and patient care, and lead local activities tailored to their hospital.

Regional information contact: Jag.Sandhu@fraserhealth.ca 
Leader, Specialist Services Committee Initiatives, Physician Partnerships & Performance, Office of the Vice President Medicine

Provincial website: www.facilityengagement.ca/

Facility Engagement at Mission Memorial Hospital

The 30 family physicians at Mission Memorial Hospital are working to:

  • Strengthen relationships between health authorities and facility-based physicians
  • Improve the physician work environment, the delivery of patient care and the cost effectiveness of the health care system

Engagement Governance and Working Group

The Engagement Working Group was established to plan activities that increase physician involvement in the workplace. Current members are:

Engagement Activities and Projects

The following projects have been approved for funding in 2018. The next round of funding will take place on xxx

Notice of meetings 

Upcoming Medical Staff Meeting: